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Group members

Current members of the Yale group are listed below, together with (some of) their research interests. We have meetings on alternating Fridays at 16.00 in the conference room; others are welcome to attend! We have close collaborations with many other researchers, at other Universities and Institutes. Examples include the other members of the Dragonfly team, who are largely based in Toronto, the 3D-DASH team (spread around the globe), JWST Cycle 1 project teams such as the UNCOVER collaboration, and the groups of Shany Danieli at Princeton, Charlie Conroy at the CfA, and Mariska Kriek in Leiden.


Dhruba Dutta Chowdhury (6th year PhD student)

Dynamical modeling; dynamical evolution of globular clusters; fuzzy dark matter


Tim Miller (5th year PhD student)

Sizes of galaxies; galaxy outskirts; data analysis innovations

Imad Pasha (4th year PhD student)

The circumgalactic medium; Dragonfly Emission Line Mapper; teaching; spectroscopy


Zili Shen (3d year PhD student)

Dragonfly Ultra Wide Survey; UDGs; dark matter; globular clusters

Michael Keim (2nd year graduate student)

Bullet collisions; low surface brightness imaging; HST imaging


Harrison Souchereau (1st year graduate student)

Spectroscopy methods; dark matter telescope

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